8-Bit Selling

Level 2: Enter The Gatekeeper

You have already taken care of all the research you need to in Level 1 and now you have your ideal prospect, so it is time to get started. You walk into the main building to present yourself, but there is something in the way. A door. Well, a reception area to be exact. This doesn’t seem too perilous, you just have to walk over and open the door. But just as you are getting to the door, you hear something you may not have expected: “Can I help you?”

Alas, from behind the desk in front of the door comes the receptionist, or as they are known in the sales world, The Gatekeeper! This is the first boss you have encountered in the 8-Bit Selling World, but she does not seem so bad. She is young, cute… she will be easy to get past. WRONG! The Gatekeeper, though encountered early on, is one of the most important battles, and it is not always easy. The Gatekeeper holds the key to getting further along in your quest, and knows the final boss very well. Without defeating her, its Game Over.

So how do you beat the Gatekeeper? Well, here are some helpful tips that can steer you in the right direction:

Be Nice: Though it may seem like a simple request, it is very important to treat the Gatekeeper with respect. She is a valued employee of the company you are trying to start a relationship with, and she is very powerful. Treat her just as you would any one else you would talk to in the organization

Sell to Her First: Do not just walk in and ask to talk to the King Koopa of the company. Tell her you have a product and you think it will be a great fit for this company. Then, proceed with telling her about it. Show her documentation, or even a prototype of what you are trying to sell. She will be honest with you and if she likes what you have, she will surely send some information to the right people.

Retrieve Information: The Gatekeeper usually knows everyone who is worth knowing in the organization, so she is the best source of contact information and what each person is like. Ask her politely if there is someone you should contact. When she gives you their information, make sure to ask a little about them. That way, you will have the right information when you do battle with these other bosses later on.

Follow Up: This step cannot be said enough. Though you may not get a meeting set up right away, it is still very important to contact the Gatekeeper once you have, and to thank her for everything she did. Also, reiterate you would like a meeting with some of the contacts you have. She will like this, and she will send the information on to the other minions, but more than likely with a good word.

And just like that, you have defeated the first boss! But wait, you may ponder, there was hardly any fighting. That’s because some bosses are not defeated through fights, but through great strategy. And, if done correctly, you will have gained something for great use of strategy: a Sponsor. A sponsor is someone who will help you along your journey to the end. It may be a former foe who you used your skills against to make an ally, like the Gatekeeper.

But with one boss down, it is now time to prepare for the next adventure in Level 3!


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