Go ahead and take no for an answer

Say what? Isn’t this statement the exact opposite of what we have been told our whole lives? Never give up, never surrender, KILL, KILL, KILL!


Well, yes and no. Any salesperson you speak to will surely tell you that you WILL be told no over the span of your career. The odds are just not stacked in your favor for a 100% success rate. The fluctuating economy, the clients’ current and prospective needs, and the way YOU present the sale are just a few variables that can be a determining factor in being rejected.

It’s how you react to the rejection that will set you apart from your competitors; whether you are selling yourself, a product, or even an idea.

It starts right here with your Sales Centre experience. There are 250+ students who are vying for the exact same jobs and internships that you are.  If you are someone who has landed a job opportunity with the first company you contacted: good for you.

For the majority of people, you will not be told yes for an internship on the first go-around. When this happens, it is time to do a full-scale reevaluation of your preparation techniques and the implementation of these techniques. This ranges from your research of the company to how you closed/didn’t close the offer.

You take this same kind of evaluation process to heart when selling a product or an idea. Really build off of your successes during the last transaction, and be sure to void any of the elements where you fell short.

It IS true to never give up, to never surrender. (Don’t KILL, KILL, KILL though; that would be a little counterproductive.) In order to sell yourself, an idea, or a product, you must be passionate about what you’re doing; and that passion should be focused toward always trying to grow as a professional salesperson.

(The band Chumbawamba really exemplifies what it means to never give up. Here is some motivational music to keep you going through the hard times)

No is the most important word you will ever hear during your career. It is the one word that will push you to be the best that you can possibly be.


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