NCSC 2011 Through My Eyes – Part 3 of 5

Post by Guest Writer:

Kevin LaJudice

My Experience:

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from my first trip to Atlanta. Looking back on all the fun weekends I’ve had during my time at OU, I have to say that the NCSC weekend ranks up there with the best of them. Throughout the weekend I had the chance to network with a handful of corporate recruiters, help our team compete and earn a spot among the best sales programs in the country, and most importantly build some very strong friendships.

My Role:

As the team’s only Senior Alternate I worked to review case material for our two presenters while they were competing. I would equate this to a sports team’s assistant coach working on a scouting report for the week three opponent while the team is focused on their upcoming opponent for week two. By doing this, it freed Rachael and Jordan up to focus on the case at hand and filled them in much faster when they were ready to move on to later rounds.

Although the two of them didn’t need much help, I was also able to work with our other alternates, Chelsea and Lee, in starting relationships with potential Corporate Partners at the NCSC career fair. It was fun to watch them work their magic and give feedback and/or help as needed. My goal as Senior Alternate was twofold.

First, I wanted to thoroughly digest the cases for Rachael and Jordan so they could focus on their pitches and win in their rounds of competition. Fortunately, that seemed to be pretty effective as we placed 5th at the NCSC. My other goal was to help Chelsea and Lee gain Corporate Partners. As Juniors, they will be able to continue the relationships they have begun to build at NCSC well after I have graduated. The two of them did such a great job and I’m proud to say that they exceeded my expectations for what our recruiting process would look like down there.

My Favorite Part:

The entire weekend was amazing. Competing against other schools, making friends from the other sales programs, and saving Lee when he couldn’t remember names was all so much fun. But my favorite part of the weekend was the time I got to spend getting to know my teammates and establishing some amazing friendships with all of them. Jordan, Chelsea, Rachael, and Lee are all wonderful people that I am fortunate enough to call good friends after this weekend.

Final Thoughts:

The invaluable selling role play experience, networking opportunity, and chance to make lasting friendships with some of the best students the Sales Centre has to offer are all reasons why being a part of the Sales Centre’s NCSC team is an experience that I strongly recommend to any SCC’s who are even remotely interested. It has been one of my favorite experiences as an SCC and I’m so thankful that I was able to take part in it.


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