NCSC 2011 Through My Eyes – Part 4 of 5

Guest Post Written By:

Lee Axelband

My Experience:

I heard the word competition and I was aware that we had won in Atlanta some years back, so applying for me was a no brainer. The excitement built for me as the competition approached; I had established new friendships throughout our months of preparation. However, as soon as we all loaded into the van to head to the airport, everything changed. I made best friends out of the trip and had an opportunity to speak to dozens of large companies (who were as excited to talk to me as I was to them!). The experience itself is the climax of my college sales experience at OU. I was able to learn more in the preparation for the event and the weekend itself than I thought possible.

My Role:

Well let’s see; I was Sydney, Ray, Kyle—. As one of the three alternates on the team, I assumed the role of hard-nosed teammate. In order to prepare for the competition, I would act as the buyer (Sydney, Ray—so you don’t think I’m crazy) and be as hard as I could possibly be. My intentions were to ensure Jordan and Rachael that when they walked in their room for the real thing, there would not be a buyer nearly as hard as me.

My Favorite Part:

I posed this question  to my teammates sitting around the table at California Dreamin’, a succulent restaurant in Atlanta. The delicious mahi-mahi with the three free desserts, courtesy of one of the business reps, was an extremely tempting  answer for this question. However, my teammates and I all agreed – the friendships we all made with one another were by far the best part.

My perspective on the experience is that by being a part of the Sales Centre, we are all putting ourselves in the right position to succeed. We are surrounding ourselves with people who share our desire to take the next step in life. For most of us, it’s it like leading two separate lives. When we are  with our roommates, that is one life, but when we come to Sales Centre it is a completely separate life. The Sales Centre life is where we get to talk about our successes with our peers, and enjoy it to the fullest. The NCSC experience allowed the five of us to really get to know one another on a different level.  Before we were just 5 individuals who were equally motivated in life. Before the end of the trip, however, we bridged the gap between our separate lives and became friends.

Final Thoughts:

If my calculations are correct, I am only a junior. That means that next year, I will be a senior. I plan on being back in Atlanta next year, and while it may be far away, I’m already preparing for it.


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