NCSC 2011 Through My Eyes – Part 5 of 5

My Experience:

If written words could describe the experience I had at NCSC then I would be mistaken for how truly incredible it actually was. Never could I have dreamed that one day I would be hopping on a plane (as a junior in college) to Atlanta with four teammates and a coach to attend the nation’s most prestigious sales competition. In preparing for the competition I learned a great deal, but nothing compares to actually diving into the action once we got there. As the energy grew each day and I continued to network I kept waiting for someone to smack me and say “wake up!!!” … Needless to say coming back to Athens I had a smile stained across my face and am still waiting for it to wash away.

My Role:

As one of my teammates pointed out I seemed to take on the role of the detail oriented critiquing alternate. Being an alternate I had the luxury of watching Jordan and Rachael improve in their mock role plays each week. However, when it came time to be brutally honest I cannot remember holding back too much (sorry team). In the midst of our trainings I noticed a bond that grew stronger each week and by the time we were sitting in a van waiting for our last teammate I knew there was an unforgettable weekend ahead of us.

My Favorite Part:

To only pick one favorite part is a joke! I knew that I was participating in something huge but what I did not see coming were the friendships I would take with me forever. I could go on forever about the laughs we all shared but then I would have to annoy you with the saying “I guess you had to be there”.

Final Thoughts:

Just know that Jordan Shirkman, Lee Axelband, Kevin LaJudice, Rachael Foster and Dr. Ridpath have all left a footprint on my life. I am looking forward to competing for this opportunity again next year but it just won’t be the same without the Schey Sales Centre’s 2011 team!


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