Thinking About Spring

Winter is coming to close, and as it does, flowers begin to bloom and produce new life for the Spring. The same is true with the Sales Centre: as the Winter Quarter comes to an end, so do the careers of many of the Candidate Advisory Council members. Many of us are seniors, and will not be holding office next year as we are moving on to bigger things. But as we leave, a new class comes in to take on the duty of improving the Sales Centre for years to come.

Though it can be a relief for a current CAC to be ending their term, the final Spring can also be the most important of their time with the Sales Centre. Though most of what they needed to do for their position is done, this is the time when their legacy is determined. For me, as the Co-Director of Diversity & Outreach, there is no more recruitment for the year and most of my job is done. However, I still have a lot to do so the next Director is ready for next year.
Even though I will be here to guide them through the Fall, I want them to be ready for the challenges before they experience them. The way I look at it, I have made a mark on the Sales Centre by recruiting diverse majors and people and setting a new standard for diversity in the program. But the true mark I can leave is what I teach the incoming CAC.

My legacy, and the legacies of all the CAC, is not only what we have done to the Sales Centre, but also what we leave the Sales Centre with. The best thing we can leave them with is a prepared and confident director to fill our shoes. The best thing we can do is make sure the people coming in to take over the leadership positions are ready for whatever comes their way, by telling them our successes and failures. With the help of the new documentation being written by all of the CAC members, and guiding them through transitions this Spring, I feel confident the Sales Centre will be better off, not just with the talent which will be coming in, but by us passing down the knowledge we have accumulated over the years.

When Spring comes around, most people are thinking about fests, graduation, and the “real world.” While these will certainly be on my mind as well, I will also be thinking about the future of the Sales Centre, and what else I can do before I leave to make it a better place for years to come.


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