Top 10 necessities for Marketing Killer Videos and Reaching Your Audience


Arguably one of the most important aspects of creating and developing your content. It is imperative to establish this information:

1. Select Target Market (duh)

2. Establish motif of the production

– what is it going to look like?

3. Value everyone’s input.

– no matter what experience level they have, their input can be EXTREMELY valueable to the quality of the production. Let them own part of it as well, this will make everything run smoother and get more people involved

4. Create a production calendar, complete with deadlines, shot list, story board, and list of equipment

Shooting content:

5. Have an experienced person operate the camera. This isn’t a point and shoot. This person needs to understand the concepts of maintaining consistent exposure.

6. Ensure that the composition of the shots align with the storyboard and shotlist.

7. When acting, be comfortable and confident. You were selected to this role for a reason. Be yourself.

Post Production

8. Backup! Backup! Backup! Losing the footage from a shoot that took weeks to arrange is terribly frustrating and could break the momentum of your project.

9. Have someone edit the film who has some experience with the software. Don’t over do it on the credits.

10. When preparing to release the content, create a stretigic marketing plan to reach your target market. Get specific! Time of day,  what platforms, what accompanies the content, etc.


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