8-Bit Selling

Level 3: Co-Op Missions

At the end of Level 2, we encountered the one of the many bosses of the 8-Bit Selling World. Though this boss was extremely important to defeat, it may not have been the most difficult challenge. But with the Gatekeeper behind us, the progress will become more treacherous. And when games become too hard, it is always best to team up with a friend or two.

As Co-Op gaming is becoming more prevalent in the gaming industry, so is Team Selling in the business world. There are many benefits to teaming up with another player while you button mash your way through 8-Bit Selling World.

Larger Maps

Living in a growing world means there are more places to visit, more people to meet, and more things going on. Without the help of your team, you may miss out on many of these things. Not only will you need help getting information, but you will also need help protecting it. Just as you hold off hordes of Combine while Alyx hacks her way out the latest puzzle in Half-Life 2, your team will have your back against competition while you are progressing forward.

Too Many Enemies

In this day and age, it is near impossible to combat all the enemies in the world and be victories. Even Mario needed Luigi to get through the Mushroom Kingdom. There is much more competition than ever before, and sometimes it takes a team working together to take down some of the toughest combatants. With help from your teammates, you will be able to strike down competition when it gets too close, and you will be fully prepared for when the next boss rears its head.

More Complex Bosses

There are few simple bosses left in the 8-Bit Selling World, which means an increase in the amount of complex bosses, known as Complex Buying Teams. These are made up of many people making the buying decisions for a company, and it is important to incorporate all of them. This is very difficult to do on your own, so having a team to fight a team is extremely important. Do you really think you could have defeated your rival without the help of all six of your Pokemon? I don’t think so.

There are many more reasons why selling teams are becoming more prevalent in today’s business world, but it is important to know the world is changing and working with teams is more important than ever. Working together for a common goal is something you will have to do, whether battling zombie mutants or giving a proposal to a customer. So get together with your team, determine your goal, and set out to conquer whatever stands in your way.

But what is that up ahead? Something dark lurks in the shadows. Who could it be? What could it mean? Find out next time as we enter Level 4!


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