Yesterday & Today

When I first joined the Sales Centre last Winter, I was not the greatest “young professional” around. I had not done much with my college career other than school work and I felt the Sales Centre was a great place for me to expand my horizons. But it was a bumpy start. Being thrust into career fairs and interviews, environments I was not familiar with at all, was difficult and frustrating for me. I felt I was reading a script when I was talking with potential employers and others involved with the program. I was nervous, shy, and unprepared. I needed a way to gain some knowledge and confidence within myself, and fast. And that is when I decided to interview for a position on the CAC.

The Candidate Advisory Council is made up of the leaders of the Sales Centre. They are the driving force for change and innovation for the program. Every one of its members seemed so confident and personable with every person they talked to. So I decided, why not, and interviewed for a position. I ended up receiving the position of Co-Director of Diversity & Outreach, and it helped propel me to my future success. I met so many new people, from other CAC members to Corporate Partners and PSAB members. I have built relationships with these people and they have helped me become the person I am today.Through the people I worked with, the tasks we worked on, and the changes we made, I was able to become more confident in myself while at the same time feeling proud of all the accomplishments I had achieved and the legacy I was leaving behind for future Sales Candidates. Now when I go into an interview, I do not feel like I am reading from a piece of paper, but having a conversation with the people, and they are finding out who I really am and what I have truly accomplished through the CAC.

I used to be a different person: unprepared for the challenges of the world. I was shy, unaccomplished, and intimidated. But that was yesterday. Today, I am ready to take on anything which comes in front of me, and I can give a lot of thanks to the people I met and the jobs I did as a member of the CAC. So with interviews coming up soon, I wanted to let all of those considering a position to know it will not just help you become a better student and professional, but also a better person. So if you are considering, go for it. You never know what you will get out of it.


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