Spring into Fitness: Can physical activity affect your professional life?

In the Sales Centre, we are constantly finding new and exciting ways to enhance our marketability to prospective employers and corporate partners. Special events, Monday night meetings, and numerous other activities are designed to expand our understanding of sales and of the business world as a whole.

But there is one thing that all of us can do on our own to ensure a more effective transition into the workplace and a more positive work experience: physical activity.

Yes, physical activity.  It doesn’t seem very obvious or realistic at first, but studies show that hitting the pavement, the gym, or simply popping in a workout video- anything to get you moving, can positively affect all aspects of your workday.

Stay on your toes: For anyone who has partaken in any sort of physical activity (even walking up all the hills around college campuses) may notice the increase in his or her heart rate.  The increased blood flow goes throughout the body including to the brain.  This increased activity can help keep you alert.

Get the idea…quicker: Studies also indicate that normal physical activity makes it easier to understand complicated tasks or new ideas.  Many athletes can attest to this concept.  Football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and many other sports involve detailed intricate rules and plays.  Consistently using your problem-solving skills during physical activity can carry over into the workplace as you tackle daily tasks.

Overcome the “Kit Kat moment”: We’ve all seen the commercials- disgruntled and distracted workers need a “pick-me-up” in the middle of the workday.  Instead of turning to sugary concoctions or caffeinated beverages, those who have weekly workout schedules are proven to have more energy throughout the day.

No need for a chill pill: In a study reported by MSNBC, participants who exercised during the day commented on their increased tolerance for their job and ability to stay calm in stressful situations.  This is key in a high-stress, high-pressure job that requires patience and persistence.

These benefits to physical activity are hard to ignore.  But before you feel the need to throw over hundreds of dollars for a personal trainer, it is important to understand that not everyone is expected to workout seven days a week for two hours everyday.  The information provided suggests that ANY physical activity can help you reap the benefits of fitness in the workplace.  Taking the stairs, walking to and from lunch, spending time outside, and even walking your dog can help produce these favorable effects in the workplace.

So try it out- embrace the great spring weather and start your new routine today.  Check out our suggestions.


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