A journey to the center of outside sales

This week a potential corporate partner, Sprint, came to OU for an official visit.  Being a new member on the Outside Sales Team making my first call, I was very excited and was eager to learn what real outside sales is like.

Know the company:

These companies are coming to The Sales Centre to see what we have to offer. You better know what they are bringing to the table as well.  Know there mission statement and what they are looking for in a SCC.

Know your presentation:

Meeting with your team and looking into what is expected out of your part of the presentation is key to playing a role in selling TSC as a strong program.

Keep your nerves in check.

Nobody wants to be the one who let down the group, so be sure to go out of your way to prevent missteps. Every corporate partner TSC signs brings incredible monetary and networking value. I personally like to review my points quickly and frequently in my head so I am sure of my presentation. Confidence is key!


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