Spring into Events!

Spring quarter brings a couple things into my mind.  Sunny weather, smiling faces, and two totally worth-everything TSC events!


A day when our very own TSC Alumni come back to network with us for an entire day! This is my favorite event that TSC puts on by far.  I met many alumni who were helpful and eager to set me up with many connections to get me started on my search for a job – – as a sophomore!  The Alumni we have are so great and willing to help us in every way possible.  Everyday on LinkedIn I receive a message about a certain opening in a position that our Alumni informs us about.

Alumni Experience day is a great way to boost your confidence and find someone who was on the same exact path you are on now, only a few years ago.  Their success helps our very own TSC network and I cannot wait to become one of the Alumni visiting OU to give back what this program has helped me accomplish!


Because the Sales Symposium is an all day event, we are excused from class to learn real-life selling techniques used in the sales world today!  Tell me another campus that does that! Last year, we had the honor of Roger Courville and Nate Riggs come to Athens for the day and speak to us about selling and technology, combined!  A live Twitter news feed was being shown during the event as the audience tweeted about what they felt during the symposium.  Now thanks to The Sales Symposium last year, we have dug deep into social media and now have this great blog!

During both of these events, which are held in the spring, I got more of an understanding of how sales is within everything we do day-to-day.  Whether you are in front of a group of students telling them about your company, or updating your twitter, you are selling something.  It is not always business deals or the tricks of the trade; selling is alive in everything you do and these two events allow you to realize how privileged us SCC’s are. Take advantage of everything The Sales Centre has to offer this spring!


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