Who do you think you are? Find out on Monday, April 18th

Guest Blogger Ann Brieck

I am looking forward to presenting (MBTI) Myers Briggs Type Inventory to the fabulous Sales Centre students on April 18th.  The MBTI is a time tested and respected tool designed to provide a “road map” for learning about our own personality preferences and those of others. It has been used in a variety of settings from building project management teams, career counseling, to workplace mediation. MBTI is not a “test” and is best described as an inventory. It does not measure intelligence, skills or mental health. What the MBTI does best is give you information about how you interact in the world, take in information, make decisions, and organize your life.

My hope is that this training will enable you to confidently leverage your personality strengths as well as the strengths of others to maximize your relationships. This fundamentals workshop offers a path to explore how you can use the MBTI to navigate your world, make career choices and work effectively with that project group that is driving you nuts.

So why would you spend a lovely spring evening indoors to learn about you and MBTI?

  • Because you’re worth it.
  • The Sales Centre thinks you are worth it. The MBTI is frankly expensive to provide to students but the Sales Centre believes as I do that this investment in you can “pay it forward” to the benefit of all.
  • It is a tool with potential to transform the way you see yourself and others.

Questions? Feel free to email me at brieck@ohio.edu


2 responses to “Who do you think you are? Find out on Monday, April 18th

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  2. Thanks, Martin. Yeah there are a number of free tests out there that are fun and ietnresting in varying degrees. I have found that the three I’ve had done by pros tended to have a bit more meat on them. But that’s only logical; training and experience do count for something.Anything that makes you stop and take a look at yourself for a minute can be good. And, if you’re paying attention, possibly scary.

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