Shadow Day!

This past Friday I had the opportunity to shadow two sales people from Tom James Company, a dear corporate partner of TSC.  It started off first with arriving in Columbus Thursday night and staying in a hotel all by myself.  I couldn’t wait to walk downstairs at 6 am the next morning, with a business suit on, and have small talk with all the business men preparing their breakfast.  I felt legit.

When I arrived at the office, I was introduced to all the sales reps at Tom James and then we started the meeting.  Just one half hour of the meeting and I already learned a ridiculous amount of information.  We were taught how to sell using stories and how to grab your clients emotions through story telling.  I thoroughly enjoyed the day already and it was only 8:30 am!

Next stop, sales call!  I went with TSC alumni, Katie Hefelfinger, to the McDonald’s corporate to meet her newest client.  Watching her hit every sales pitch and her client being so enthusiastic about the product, really taught me how to handle a sale when its going great.  Within 20 minutes, the client was sold!  Next, we went to another client of hers who did not seem to thrilled about the price.  She stated the reason why she did not make the sale was he had “ticket shock.”  She also taught me what I could learn from that experience was even though she didn’t make the sale, she got referrals from him which can be even better in the long run.  Katie did a great job keeping me up with what was going on and I caught myself smiling the entire time because she was having so much fun doing her job.  She loves sales and it made me want to start a career right then and there!

I then shadowed Bruce Bays of Tom James.  Off we went to New Albany, OH to make a sale!  We chatted about sales in the car and I got a better understanding of how he sells and how he has loved doing sales more than a corporate job when he owned a company.  Both Bruce and Katie noted that sales shows your performance and when you’re good at it and if you’re driven, it shows.  Self motivated and driven people are successful in sales.  Not to leave out competitive!  When Bruce and I arrived at the Surgeon’s house in New Albany, I watched him office scan to find certain similarities the two have in order to strike up good conversation.  We had a great time with the client and noticed you do not always have to be straight business.  He was relaxed and we laughed a lot as his presentation was going on.  He too made the sale and it was so enjoyable!

In conclusion, I learned sales can be so much fun at the same time as stressful.  The more relaxed and sociable you are the better connection you can make with your client and make the sale.  I had such a blast shadowing Tom James for the day and I cannot wait to have a career in sales and watch myself grow even more with TSC!


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