Becoming the Richest Man/Woman in Babylon

Recently I have been turned onto a book named the “Richest Man in Babylon” and in it they teach you how to increase your investments to become a successful person.  These ideas of basic finance and sales are lessons that can still be used today to make yourself a better investor in your time and money.

1) Save 1/10 of your earnings. If you take 10% of every paycheck and put it away.  Although you have less spending money at the current time you will quickly start to accumulate a large amount of money that you can use to invest in the future, you can use this to do make productive buying decisions.

2) Get advice from those who know.  If your trying to learn where to invest, don’s ask a random person on the street, ask somebody who deals with the investments your used to.  This can also be transferred to TSC, with the upcoming CAC nominations if you want to be in these roles, go talk to the people who are in them on a regular basis.  This will give you the investment information you need to succeed in the organization and have a positive impact.

3)Invest in things that give a good return.  After asking about what you can do in order to invest, do it!  You could use your information gathered to help run for the leadership positions or internships you have inquired about.  This helps with your interviews and by asking the right questions to the people in charge you can learn what they did right and wrong, and how you can be a more productive employee/leader with your information in mind.

The richest man in Babylon may have been wealthy, but it is the wisdom he acquired through time and dedication saving and asking the right questions that put him into such a prominent position.  These rules may seem simple and obvious, but sometimes the most obvious things are overlooked and can also be the most effective.


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