Hoisting the Cup

The Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, and for the next two months 16 teams will  battle on the ice for the chance to hoist Lord’s Stanley Cup. Though hockey is always a competitive sport, the skill and determination brought out by the players in the playoffs is like nothing any one has seen all year. As sweat and blood are poured onto the rink, players begin to show off their true character. Stars become immortal, unknowns become legendary, and the best effort will produce the ultimate victory. These moments do not exist only in athletic confines, but they extend into professional careers.

There are many moments in people’s careers where it will have a playoff atmosphere: everything is on the line, everyone is counting on you to do your best and nothing less, and the victory is that much sweeter, but the losses can be much more bitter. So how do you become victorious? Here are some ways to win it all:

Be The Leader: When everything is on the line, everyone is watching. This is your time to shine and show you are capable of handling pressure situations. Like Steve Yzerman and Patrick Roy, you must take control of your team and prove to them you are the one for the job. You must inspire everyone around you with your determination, skill, and leadership. This will build confidence throughout the team, and within yourself, bringing the goal within reach.

Don’t Be Intimidated: In the playoffs, it is do or die. If you win, you will be loved forever, but if you fail, you will lose everything and the post-game will not be so glorious. It is high speed and high intensity, and if you pause for even a second, you may lose your chance for victory. The task is daunting, but you must have the confidence in yourself to get the job done. Take it all in, take a deep breath, and come out ready for battle.

Give It Your All: It is times like these when you have to put your entire heart and soul into what you are trying to accomplish. Whether it be staging a late period comeback, or finishing a sale which has taken most of your effort and time, you will need to exhaust your blood, sweat, and tears to live up to the expectations of your teammates, co-workers, and yourself. Without all of your effort and determination, there can be no chance for success. But if you work hard and give it your best and then some, you will be hoisting your own Cup in no time.

There will be many moments like this in a persons career, but it will always be as difficult and exciting as the last. Even with experience, it never gets easier, but each time you go through it, you become stronger and more skilled in your respective area. Whether it is on the ice in front of thousands, or in an office one-on-one, the goal and effort required is the same. So when you find yourself in the playoffs, will you fall or will you be the one kissing the Cup?


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