The Last Second Interview

2:15-  You’re walking down Richland Avenue in your street clothes when you get hit by a ton of bricks: You have an interview in 15 minutes for a director position in The Sales Centre.  Your mind starts to flash with thoughts of how you can best present yourself as an intelligent college student who is ready to take on new responsibility.

2:20- You ran back to your room, full speed ahead; you’re on the clock now.  You grab your cleanest shirt and tie you can find and are putting your shoes on and buttoning up your pants as you figure out what your main themes are for the interview: expansion, innovation, and creativity.  During this process you almost forget your belt and right shoe (a black dress shoe and a Sperry do not mix).

2:25- You’re now walking up to Copeland Hall  and feeling ready for your interview, making sure your buttons are correctly aligned and your suit does not look messy.  You try to calm the nerves and shakes caused by the sense of urgency you just encountered.  It’s game time, right?

2:28- Curveball. You realize you have no idea where the interview is, they say to show up 10 minutes early, not 2. It is now time to call and email in a frantic manner.  The sweats are back, but there still is a chance, to Copeland 601!

2:31- You’re late, for the first time ever, and the doors to Copeland 601 are locked, lights off… Time to camp out and regroup on the first floor thinking of reasons why you’re late and how you can say this is not your usual habit. (TSC students are always responsible)

2:37- As you think hope is lost,  you head for home knowing your too late to impress anybody. Alas! New Chair and people-finder Chelsea Kovak calls out down the road asking what you’re doing walking away from your interview.

2:40- You enter into Copeland 211, gritting your teeth in a stressed smile.  Knowing it is time to play ball and share your ideas with your peers in hopes they will concur.

3:00- You walk out no longer stressed, hoping you said and did the right things to get the position.

5:30- You get a call, you got it! Knowing that your quick reactions brought you success this time around, but realizing that this is not the ideal way to walk into an interview.

A token statement of the business world is to think on your feet.  When this kind of situation happens it is the personal determination that allows you to succeed or fail.  Keep in mind that at the end of the day, you learn something.  Keep on going, because if you stop because you “feel” unprepared, you might miss out on a great opportunity.


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