Final Thoughts from an ENFJ

A special thanks to all the Sales Centre students who attended the MBTI on
Monday, April 18th. I also want to give a special “shout out” to the events team
members (Ainsley Bodi, Amanda Merrill, Nate Marshall and Lee Axelband) under
Rachael Foster’s leadership and to Dr. Catherine Axinn and Julie Wells. Everything
was thoughtfully organized and planned to give the SCC’s the best event
experience possible. As a presenter I have never felt so well taken care of.

For those that attended, my hope is that you will have learned a bit more about
what informs your choices and also to inspire you to learn more about your
preferences and those of others. We all know that one is too small a number
to achieve greatness. Consider integrating the MBTI as a tool in your life kit and
apply it on a daily basis to your leadership and team planning.

My best to you in all you hope of being,

Ann Brieck


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