Benefits For Me?

When people begin to think about joining an organization, they always ask the question: “How will this benefit me?” This is a necessary question, as you do not ever want to do something you cannot get something out of. The Sales Centre is the same way, and there are many benefits you can receive from this organization. Here are 4 great reasons to consider the Sales Centre.

1. Prepares you for the “Real World.” The Sales Centre does not only give you classroom experience and knowledge, but there are many outside-the-classroom opportunities to gain real world work experience. From role-playing to corporate development events, there are endless opportunities to prepare yourself for the world after college.

2. Leadership Experience. There are many opportunities to develop yourself as a leader in the Sales Centre. Whether it br being a part of the Candidate Advisory Council or becoming an Account Manager with Corporate Partners, there is no shortage of times and positions where you can stand out as the true leader you are.

3. Job Opportunities Abound. In order to graduate with a Sales Certificate, you must complete a paid internship with one of our many Corporate Partners. These internships provide potential careers with these companies. There is no better way to find a job then through working with people who want to work with you.

4. Companies want YOU. There is a lot of competition for internships and jobs between all the candidates, but you have to remember these Corporate Partners want you to come work for them. They know you have the knowledge and experience to make their company better, and once you make your impact on them, its only a matter of time before they make an offer.

These are just some of the reasons to consider joining the Sales Centre team. These are what some people have said about their experiences, but everyone has their own personal benefits through the hard work they put in through the Sales Centre. What benefits will you see when you join?

Current and Past Candidates, share your experiences and benefits from your days in the Sales Centre.


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