Bottom Line Confidence with Michael Bernoff

It’s that time of year again!

Spring welcomes many different things to look forward to; one of these things being the Schey Sales Centre’s Annual Sales Symposium. This year the Sales Symposium will be held on Thursday, May 19 in the Baker Center Ballroom. This event provides students and professionals with the opportunity to enjoy informative presentations by exceptional speakers. This year’s Symposium, titled “Be The BEST You Can Be” features THREE motivational, inspirational, and educational speakers, each of whom providing their own unique presentation style to the mix.

One of our featured speakers, Michael Bernoff, Founder of the Human Communications Institute, will be presenting his motivational speech titled “Bottom Line Confidence”. Having a background in direct sales, Michael’s energetic presentation style has been known to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the participants.

Personally, I am excited to hear what Michael has to say. Not only has he been known to show people how to get the results they desire in their everyday life, but he has been known to provide methods to boost confidence. Michael has a simple passion: to share his communication and transformation strategies with others. You can learn more about Michael’s ideas and presenting style by checking out his videos on YouTube or following him on Facebook.


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