Weekly Toast: TSC’s Toastmasters

Guest Blogger: Edward Cotton

Every Wednesday our chapter of Toast Master’s meets in Copeland Hall.  Each meeting there is a word of the day which gives the speakers bonus points if it is used in their speech.  The word of the day this past Wednesday was: transition.  We talked about the different leadership roles within our student-run organization in preparation to replace our current leaders with the leaders of tomorrow; or rather next year.  Check them out!

Office Positions Include:

1) President
2) Vice President of Membership
3) Vice President of Public Relations
4) Vice President of Social Media
5) Secretary
6) Sergeant at Arms

We had a great session of table topics at Toastmasters.  Table topics gives members the opportunity to give an impromptu speech.

Tonight we had Channel Glenn go first.  Her table topic was “what advice she would want to hear from a successful 80-year-old”.  She spoke about how she would want advice about living life to the fullest.  She did a great job supporting her speech saying that someone who has lived 80 years would have the knowledge and experience on how to fully enjoy life.

Justin Brown went next with the topic of “what is something dangerous he  would do if there was no risk involved”.  Justin spoke about his upcoming studying abroad trip to London.  He said if he could do something extremely dangerous but still have no risk then he would travel to the Swiss Alps to skydive.  If there was no risk of death it would be an ideal activity for Justin as he would experience the biggest adrenaline rush in life.

Brianna Simmons spoke next.  Her table topic was “if she had to transfer schools where would she go”?  Brianna said that she would attend Hampton University located in Hampton Virgina.  She spoke about how she would love to go to the battle of the bands and the beautiful beaches in Virgina.  Homecoming is also a huge event at Hampton U that inspired her to go there initially.  She did a great job speaking and made zero mistakes!

Finally Lindsay Verhoff spoke.  Lindsay’s table topic was what her dream spring break would be like.  Lindsay spoke about how she would want to go somewhere exotic like Bora Bora.  She spoke of spending time on beautiful beaches, hanging out in tiki huts and relaxing in a romantic atmosphere.  Sounds like the perfect spring break.

I encourage you all to check out the next Toastmasters meeting on Wednesday, May 11th in Copeland 410 at 6pm.  Bring your friends and improve your skills.  It’s a fun and friendly atmosphere and everyone who speaks leaves as a more developed public speaker.


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