Transitions: The Next Step for The Sales Centre

Turnover, the one daunting part of a company that is challenging, but necessary.  Every year TSC faces this problem with students graduating and leaving the Athens “bubble” or students transitioning into larger roles. Every year new students need to take on old problems and come up with solutions while they have the position, this requires a crash course on what to do and expect in the next year, and picking up a hefty load of information very quickly.

How does an organization like The Sales Centre deal with such a big problem?

The Playbook

This is the new counter to the problem of turnover.  The Playbook outlines what was done in the past year and the challenges that the people faced in that year.  It is given during a day of transitions and explains what is expected of people in the next year with new responsibilities.  It highlights important conversations that took place as well as achievements that were taken care of and how there plan of action was executed.


Time and time again the number one problem listed by former CAC members as a fault is a lack of communication.  As people leave their old post and move onto bigger pictures a whole new crowd shuffles in that does not know each other.  By opening up the lines of communication early on and allowing people to solve there problems through collective efforts will help major problems become a thing of the past on a micro level within the organization.

Being Realistic

Only so much can done in a year.  There may be a plethora of major problems you may not be able to solve, but if you work hard to develop just a few areas you can setup a long term plan of action for people that will have that position.  By solving 4 or 5 major issues in a year through a team collaborative effort within the organization it is possible to provide a setup, that could be outlined in your playbook, for future years of The Sales Centre.

Being apart of the Social Media team has quickly shown me how much can be accomplished through a single student organization.  In the next year a lot is proposed to happen in a very positive way for The Sales Centre.  By following The Playbook, using communication at every level, and having realistic goals, this student run organization can setup for not only this coming years success, but also long term success.


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