Corporate Development Break Down

Batter up: Senior, Jessica Huizenga; Vice President of Corporate Development

One goal for the year?

I want to make the Corporate Development division so transparent that even people who aren’t in The Sales Centre understand how we are successful as a student-run business.

Rookie of the Year: Sophomore, Emily Zito; Friends Director

What plans do you have for getting more friends?

Interested in posting for the Blog with updates about Friends selling, is excited to sell Friends for the next year.

Up on Deck: Junior, Olivia Gougler; Director of Corporate Partner Relations

What does Corporate Partner Relations mean to you?

I want our Corporate Partners to feel like they are valued customers, because that is exactly what they are.

In the Hole: Junior, Joshua Reich; Co-Director Outside Sales

What will you change from last year?

We will not fix what isn’t broken, but will continue to build strong relationships with potential corporate partners and clearly signing them is our top priority.

Partner in Crime: Junior, Chelsey Anderson; Co-Director Outside Sales

What expectations do you have for the year?

I would like to accomplish having a strong team that is very dependable and motivated about recruiting new corporate partners as well!

Deep in the Hole: Senior, Dan McGlothlin; Co-director of Corporate Relations

Expectations for the coming year?

I plan of implementing new modes of communication for Account Managers by using Skype.  I also plan on ensuring to corporate partners they are getting the top notch students for partnerships for the year.

Patiently waiting in another Hole: Senior, Courtney Van Atta; Director of Inside Sales

Number one goal for this year?

Though I have set several goals for the next year, most importantly I plan to use my committee
to help assist both the Corporate Development Division as well as the entire Sales Centre
through acquiring new Corporate Partners and additional funding to be applied to all Sales
Centre activities.

And there you have it!  Corporate Development has some steamy ideas to hit it out of the park this year!


2 responses to “Corporate Development Break Down

  1. Awesome blog… thanks for the exposure blog team 🙂 Ps- Jess, Dan and Courtney are juniors, not seniors!

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