From Rags to Riches

When you hear someone going from rags to riches you normally are expecting

A: Some great success story of a person who has beat the odds and made it big.


B: A fairy tale ending that ends along the lines of any Disney movie.

Either scenario some part of us always tends to think “Why can’t that just happen to me?!”  Well the reality is…it can!

The saying “going from rags to riches” can mean something different to any individual. For me it means overcoming a challenge and embracing an opportunity. My “rags to riches” experience is going from a Sales Centre member to a leadership position on CAC. I know that I have much to learn in my new position, but I have already experienced a little something; this something is called perspective.

Knowing that I wanted a leadership position was the first step, knowing exactly which position was mutually fitting for myself and the Sales Centre was the challenge. After weighing all the pros and cons of positions I felt I was suitable for I narrowed it down to my top three and began preparing for my interview. The interview day approached quickly and before I knew it I was stepping out of Copeland breathing a sigh of relief as I thought, “Well, all I can do is wait and hope for the best.” Of course, like any candidate, I was hoping for a position within my top three choices not even thinking that I’d be considered for anything else. Much to my surprise, I was offered a position that wasn’t on my little list of three. Some may look at that as a let down; I take it is as opportunity.

From your own perspective you may think you’re right for a certain position whether it be an internship, job, or form of leadership. But from another perspective other than your own someone might see your assets in a different way. Sometimes individuals can view themselves a little too close and need a different point of view from someone who sees the big picture; helping to guide you to a place where you fit and open a door that you didn’t see in order to make the most from a new opportunity.

I was a member who is now becoming a leader. — How are YOU going to go from rags to riches?


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