Candidate Advancement Overview

In order to advance these days professionals need tools, not just any tools like a laptop or a pen, but tools that really get you going.

To get started you need your Coffee so you get your best cup of- VP of Candidate Advancement Amy Stafford, to be Senior.

My goal for leaving a legacy in the Sales Centre is to help every student in the Sales Centre become “the ideal SCC.” The Candidate Advancement Division focuses on YOU personally by making you a well-rounded individual who can get the best job possible, which is what we’re all trying to do. I want to help my team create a new Sales Centre tradition with some of the events we have brainstormed that will carry on for many years to come!

Next thing you need is the daily newspaper from your front door delivered by Directors of Coach and Candidate Rebecca Koch, Senior and Courtney Wypasek, Senior.

Rebecca states,

Our goal is to increase the popularity of the Coach and Candidate Program by having over 20 participants in the program and in the portfolio competition.

Courtney Wypasek continues with,

We will get our candidates motivated by holding specific workshops pertaining to “branding yourself,” and also work closely with life coach, Tracey Corrigan to assist the candidates in this process.

Before you go inside make sure you take in a fresh breath of air with Alumni Directors Alessa Gallo, Senior and Makaley Ikirt, Junior.

Alessa plans says,

I plan to close the gap between alumni and students. I want the alumni to be more interactive with SCC.

Followed by Makaley Ikirt,

I want to have at least one event for Sales Centre Alum on homecoming weekend this upcoming fall as well as keep in touch more with our alum (transition table, job/intern. Opportunities, etc.) other than just the quarterly newsletter. Also, I would like to get them more involved in our SCC meetings/events.

Now that you’ve had your coffee, read the news, and got a breath of fresh air, lets make some breakfast with our Philanthropy Directors Melissa Wells, Sophomore and Natalie Zelich, Junior.

Melissa says,

I want to establish new philanthropy events that benefit The Sales Centre, but most importantly, I want to establish new philanthropy events that benefit the community and those in need.

Yum I hope you’re not completely full, Life Long Learning Director Kyle Raffel just made some toast!

Kyle states,

I would love to see the Toastmasters meetings run with the rigid international standards used around the world. Toastmasters is such a asset that the Sales Centre offers its’ members, and every TSC candidate should utilize the free public speaking training.

What a fun filled start to your morning! Thanks Candidate Advancement!


3 responses to “Candidate Advancement Overview

  1. This is one of the cutest/coolest posts I have ever seen. Well done team … looking forward to a great year 🙂

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