Social Media has a place post-college for OU Alum

A recent article in The Post discusses the immense following of Ohio University Alumnus on various social media sites.  While many think other universities (those Buckeyes up the road) have more alumni power, the numbers don’t lie.  With close to 10,000 more Facebook followers than Miami of Ohio, and nearly 11,000 LinkedIn members, Ohio University alumni embrace online outlets in order to stay connected to the University and to the students.  Not only does this following increase the OU pride throughout the state and nation, it also helps students establish valuable business contacts for their future careers.  The Sales Centre provides many ways for SCC’s to make, maintain, and grow from the advice and opportunities gained.

Alumni Experience weekend is this weekend and it is the perfect time to thank alumni for their contributions to the Sales Centre while also giving SCC’s the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments thus far.  Alumni Experience weekend is when alumni of the Schey Sales Centre come back to Athens to be with the current SCC’s With events such as speed dating sessions, planned questions and topics, and even a golf outing, it is a great opportunity for students to get a feel of life after college, and for alumni to get back to their roots and see what is happening at OU and the Sales Centre.

This blog, the Alumni Newsletter, and the alumni outreach CAC members are all ways in which SCC’s reach out to alumni but the Experience Weekend can do this in ways that social media sites cannot.  So make sure you don’t miss out and take advantage of this awesome opportunity.


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