8-bit Selling

Level 4: The Nega-Sponser

We know now the importance of teamwork in the 8-Bit Selling World, but there are some quests you must take on your own. As you are making your way through each mission, battling each boss and turning them into Sponsors, you stumble upon something dark, something you may not be able to turn over to your side.

Just as many game characters have their evil doppelgangers, you must also face a dark being set to destroy you: The Nega-Sponsor! TThis is a creature of sheer evil and destructive power; at least to you. They do not think you are right for the sale, and will do everything in their power to overthrow your dominance in the sales process. They most likely will not turn into a sponsor by the end, but they can be reasoned with. Here are the top 3 ways to ways to neutralize your nega-sponsor.

1. Do Not Lose Control: Remember how frustrating it was battling Shadow Link in the Water Temple of Ocarina of Time? He knew every move you were going to make and countered it. Well, the same is true about your nega-sponsor: he knows exactly what your plan is and has ways of countering it. Though it may be hard to keep calm when someone who clearly wants the competition to win keeps slashing their sword, you need to remain calm, protected by your Hylian Sheild, and wait for the perfect moment to stirke.

2. Never Lose Track of Your Opponent: Boss battles can be fast-paced and intense. When Samus took on Dark Samus in Metroid Prime 3, it was no easy task. She moved across the screen at great speeds and was very hard to follow. If you took your eyes off her for even a second, she would strike a deadly blast. The same thing will happen with the nega-sponsor. If you do not pay great attention to them, they will surely make you pay for your lack of concentration. To counter this, always keep them in your mind: continually ask them ask them what they are looking for, if they have any questions, but always remember to have a plan of attack for whatever they throw at you.

3. Be Confident in Yourself: Scott Pilgrim learned after defeating Nega-Scott the greatest battle is the one which comes from within. As all of the heroes mentioned above discovered after defeating their respective doppelgangers, they were battling the darkness within themselves the whole time. The real battle against the nega-sponsor is against yourself. You will be dealing with a lot of adversity, but you must remember what it took to get in the position you are in and use that to motivate you for the final knock out.

Using these tactics will allow you to neutralize the nega-sponsor. By doing this, it will be easier for you to make the sale, even with an enemy helping to make the decision. The nega-sponsor will always be lurking, but sticking to the plan will help you be ready for when they jump out and attack.

But now it is time to for your ultimate challenge. The most epic of epic battles is about to go down. Selling to the Complex Buying Team: next time in Level 5!


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