Miracles For Life Presents: Run for a Reason 5k

Guest Blogger: Josh Reich

On Saturday, May 14th, The Sales Centre of Ohio University ran for more than just a reason, they ran for a miracle, a life. For some, running a 5k is tough, but nothing could be more difficult than recovering from life-saving tissue and organ transplants like the kids that Miracles for Life sponsor. Tom Starr is the founder of this non-profit that stays focused on providing teens and children with an outdoor education experience that revitalizes their heart, their minds, and their spirit.

Overall, this event would not have been possible without the coordination and organization of SCC Rachel Huber. A lot of time and hard work was put in as she was constantly making sure people made there donation pages while keeping track of who signed up and paid. The entire Sales Centre was able to raise $5,980.00 in honor of Miracles for Life.

Each division inside of TSC was given a child to run for. The Candidate Advancement Division ran for Allison, Corporate Development ran for Darrell, Professional Education ran for Cameron, and the Communications Division ran for Clara. Each runner was given a sticker of the child they were running for. Each SCC that ran knew that for that short amount of time they were participating in the event, they were making such a huge difference in each persons life without even knowing them. That is truly the beauty and hidden message behind this amazing event. Sometimes life is not about only doing things for the people you know and love, but its about making an impact and difference in somebody’s life you don’t know because you never know the day your going to need that favor returned.

The Corporate Development Division had a very powerful impact when it came to donation and support. Former Vice President Chris Teodori led the fundraising by raising $1,006.63. His successor, Jessica Huizenga raised the second most with $731.93. Carly Turner, former VP of Communications wrapped up the top three by raising $251.92. This division also had a strong showing at the run.

“The 5k was a great opportunity for The Sales Centre Candidates to show support to Miracles For Life and Tom Star. I may not have ran the entire thing but that’s the fun part, it allowed me to bond with other SCC! By the time I crossed the finish line a new friendship was made.” -Olivia Gougler

“Being able to run for such a great cause, and doing it my friends & colleagues in The Sales Centre was a truely rewarding experience” -Daniel C. McGlothlin

“Miracles for Life is. Putting that sticker on made me feel so grateful for getting up early on a Saturday morning to run in Miracles for Life. Actually seeing what your time and donations go to makes the run bittersweet.” -Chelsey Anderson

“Just when I thought about giving up, I tapped my sticker that was above my heart and kept running for Darrell” -Josh Reich


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