Professional Education takes you on a Hot Date!

You’re getting ready for a big date with by your side, VP of Professional Education, Clark Saul a soon to be Senior.

As you’re rushing around getting ready he shouts up the stairs;

I want to get well known speakers to attend our sales events to boost our marketing campaigns.  I have already sent a hand written letter to Donald Trump to attend next year’s Symposium.

Your limo driver has arrived and looks who it is! Events Logistics Director, Sam Wright, welcomes you in and talks to you about his plans for the next year.

In order to keep my team motivated and task oriented, I want to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and comfortable with their teammates.

You’ve arrived at the fanciest restaurant in town.  Walking you to your table is Director of Events Administration, Alexia Heffernan, she states:

We need to make sure people understand the benefits of these events.  We need to get different speakers so that each year we are learning more. We already have so many great opportunities given to us in The Sales Centre and we need to take advantage of that.

You arrive at your table (fashionably late) and notice that your two dinner guests, Events Marketing Co-Directors Eric Lang and Thomas Lower greet by both saying:

We plan on increasing attendance and awareness of the events that The Sales Centre has to offer.  We will also help people know each other and be excited to participate as a result of the benefits and the networking opportunities.

After a fun filled date we go to Events Media Director, Robert Schreier, who can show us how the videos on how everything went during the evening with Professional Education!

Thank’s for the awesome night Professional Education!  Looking forward to the coming year of plenty of new events and an increase attendance!


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