The New Social Media Team

This is Kaylee Cappello and Griffin Sefcik the new Co-Directors for Social Media in the Sales Center.

This is the first year this director position has been offered and with the way that social media is blowing up with blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn it is an exciting time for us.

With the help of our advisor and 8-bit blogger Bobby Osadetz, along with blog super guru Nate Riggs guiding us through the wild world of blogs we are excited for the next years challenges.

What are our goals?

Some of the goals we have are to expand the framework of the blog onto a new platform and provide further integration with The Sales Centre website.  This is an effort that will take time and creativity to make the best platform possible to not only educate current Sales Center Candidates with timely information, but also provide innovation to not just the world of Sales Certificate Programs, but also apart of the global blogging world.

Another goal we have it to provide potential Sales Center Candidates a place to see the great culture within The Sales Centre and show the opportunity a student can have by participating within The Sales Centre Organization.

What are we going to do to achieve our goals?

Currently there is no real “Guide to Making a Perfect Blog” but currently were working on creating a dedicated blog team from all areas of The Sales Centre to be able to talk about there individual experiences within the organization.  The students are the ultimate product of The Sales Centre, so sharing there story about how we become some of the best sales students in the country is one of our top priorities.

With our current work with Nate Riggs and members within the Candidate Advisory Council social media is going to be an integral part of the day to day processes for The Sales Centre with relevant and interesting information continually being posted.

These are not particularly easy tasks, but with our current motivation and commitment from both Sales Center Candidates and the Professional Sales Advisory Board we look forward towards the challenges in the next year!


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