Karaoke Night with Communications Division!

Photo by Derek Gavey

It’s a beautiful night and you’re looking for something exciting and entertaining to do.  You get a call from VP of Communications, Briana Simmons, who currently is at Karaoke night with the rest of her division, and asks you to come join. You obviously say yes and jump in your car to meet them.

As you walk in you hear VP, Briana Simmons, singing her little heart out to Dancing Queen as she then see’s you and says;

One goal that I want to accomplish for the upcoming year is to have a more aggressive recruitment strategy beyond tabling. I want to have exciting professional development programs that go along with our recruitment so that potential candidates can have a glimpse of what the Sales Centre is all

Next, Director of Administration, Alex Whiteleather, gets up and sings My Way by Frank Sinatra and afterwards tells you;

As director of administration I plan to uphold the good work that has been put into the Sales Centre by previous directors who have held my position. I also plan to implement a system within my committee that will help to get all the administrative committee members more involved with the Sales Centre and the administrative duties we fulfill throughout the year.

PR Director, Hilary Johnson, decides to take it to the next level and sings Wannabe by Spice Girls. Before she tells you;

I hope to gain more awareness for the CAC and the Sales Centre to the university population. I believe it would be more beneficial to the program and the to the corporate partners if we had a greater variety of majors and personalities that reflects Ohio University while giving many students an opportunity to better themselves and farther their career.

We now have a duet from Diversity and Outreach Directors Chanel Glenn and Ina Bagrach sing I Love Rock and Roll and Chanel says in the microphone;

One of my goals is recruiting 5-10 more TSC’s from diverse backgrounds, i.e. a variety of races, interests, ethnicities, majors, lifestyles, etc.

Roger Jones, Marketing Director, then runs to the stage when the first note of Eye of the Tiger is played.

The end of the night is near but clearly not over.  Rachel Huber, Human Resources Director, ends the night with Sweet Caroline, singing your name instead of Caroline!

After a fun filled night of great vocals and plenty of laughs, its time to say goodbye to the Communications Division.  We are so excited to see what you all do within the coming year!


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