The Sale of Adventure

This year I have been gifted to be able to visit Nassau the capital of the Bahamas.  The adventure has taken me to the Sheraton on Cable Beach, a wonderful Caribbean resort.  The real story though comes off of one of my flights, and the ability the networking strategies I have learned at Ohio University, particularly from The Sales Centre.

On my connecting flight from the Philadelphia airport to Nassau I had the pleasure of sitting next to Austin Weeks who works at Global Events Partners, a company who has been able to help many large global companies, including corporate partners, to a wonderful work and relaxation time at the Atlantis resort.  After networking with him on the plane ride down and making some follow up phone calls I found myself with 4 tickets for my family and I to this absolutely amazing resort.

This opportunity could not have been given to me without the help and advice from many of the people from The Sales Centre.  In my year of schooling I have heard a lot about what networking can do for somebody.  My discussion with Austin led to an invite to a priceless day of fun with a set of tickets for my family for a followup.

If this vacation has taught me anything it is that you should NEVER stop selling yourself.  By showing charisma and taking the extra steps I needed to take the ever growing important networking has gotten me a great opportunity to experience one of the best resorts located in the Bahamas for free.  I plan on continuing my contact with Global Events Partners and will reciprocate the hospitality that has been given to me on my family’s vacation.


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