The Unfair, Fair Advantage

It’s not until you actually get out of Athen’s that you get to see what The Sales Centre is really doing for aspiring young professionals across the university. For the past 6 weeks, like many SCC’s, I have been taking “Corporate America” head on with great success.

I have been participating is sales meetings, working on projects, going on sales calls, prospecting, and ensuring customer satisfaction is the best it can be. While many interns from other universities are taking on these tasks for the first time, here at The Sales Centre we have already been prepared though classes and professional business speakers for such situations.

It is the kind of experience I have gained as a candidate, a student, and as a team-member that has set me up for success as a summer intern. The combination of professional development and relevant sales classes has helped me prepare for the expected work from a Corporate Partner.  This is to the credit of The Sales Centre to be able to streamline students into professional success.

It is a rare thing that we have going here in Athens, Ohio, a student run business looking to produce tomorrow’s sales stars. It is pretty amazing what this program has done for me already, and it is my hope that by utilizing the tools given to us, we will continue to provide future candidates the unfair, fair advantage.

Written By: Dan C McGlothlin


2 responses to “The Unfair, Fair Advantage

  1. I completely agree! You notice so many ways The Sales Centre has helped you once you are out in the real world! Whether its from speaking with your supervisors to prospect clients, confidence comes from everything you learned here!

  2. Great post Dan. To Kaylee’s point, I’ve been at my job for 2 months now and I’ve noticed that the Sales Centre doesn’t just help with your selling skills; it also helps develop the skills to succeed in your first job, such as networking within your company or becoming a leader among your peers.

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