TSC, Helping Our Interns Everywhere

TSC has been a great factor in my internship this summer. I notice that I have the edge over most of the other interns by having business cards that I can pass out whenever I meet someone (great for networking!) and they are always impressed when I do so. A few of the other interns have even asked me where I got them from, and if there’s a Sales Centre in every school so that they can join at their colleges. TSC has also made me a better presenter, and I am noticeably more comfortable talking in front of a group of people than others. This has already helped in 1 or 3 presentations that I have already given, and I know it will give me the edge in my final 2. Lastly, I’m at an advantage by reading “Discover Your Sales Strengths” and uncovering my strengths. This is a huge advantage because I can pinpoint what I am good at and focus on leveraging that to my advantage.

Written By: Chanel Glenn


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