Summertime, Sunshine, and the Coach and Candidate Program

While many of us are enjoying the hot summer days by relaxing by the water, working, interning, or even taking summer classes, Sales Centre work has not stopped.  One group of people who are hard at work is the members of the Coach and Candidate Program.  This year, there are 28 coach and candidate pairs.  The groups are comprised of Professional Sales Advisory Board members and current SCC seniors (graduating 2012).  These are great numbers for the year, but we hope to grow the program even more as C&C continues.

To many, the most exciting aspect of the Coach and Candidate program is the portfolio competition.  This, in addition to career advice and networking opportunities, is the main focus of each duo during Fall Quarter.

The portfolio is basically a creative way to present strengths/weaknesses and the personality of each candidate.  There aren’t any rules or regulations to the type of portfolio that is created, which can be slightly difficult at first.

personal brand

What's YOUR brand?

But this year, the completed portfolio is only half of the job.  In order to further establish their personal brand, each candidate will use his or her sales expertise to “sell” their portfolio to the judges.  We will be putting all of our valuable sales skills to the ultimate test as we sell our personal brand and ourselves.

As many judges noted in a discussion, the purpose of the portfolio is to represent your personal brand and present yourself as someone who can be differentiated  from all other job applicants.  We expect some great portfolios this year and look forward to the competition!

In order to assist the candidates with brainstorming and creating their portfolio, we will be offering two workshops at the beginning of Fall Quarter.

Because we’re posting this online, a place where branding is EVERYWHERE- why not feature a few hints for everyone about building your own personal brand online.  This is a good, simple article about the basics of online personal branding.


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