For the Up and Coming- Interview Tips

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With the new Sales Centre Candidate interviews coming up I figured it was a good chance to give the hard workers a break and write a quick list of 5 things that can help you in your upcoming interviews.

1. Be early to your interview-  Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your interview.  That way if something goes wrong you have extra time to fix your problem.  Copeland Hall can sometimes be a bit confusing so check out where your room is the day before your interview to ensure you will not be late.

2.Express your interest in the program, not just the fact your applying-  You may be applying to our program, but the more you know about the organization itself, the better educated you look in your interview.  Finding the areas that interest you as a candidate and not just saying “sales is awesome,” really helps differentiate you from the rest of the candidates.

3.Ask any questions you have about the program-  By inquiring in on the program during the interview it will show your expressed interest is more than skin deep.  We want candidates that are participatory and want to improve the program, so the sooner a candidate starts to ask about it the sooner they can take a role within the program.

4.Talk about your sales experiences-  We are a sales organization, we want to hear how you have dealt with selling in your past and why you think The Sales Centre can improve on your possible career paths.  Your past sales experience is valuable for us to know, it shows what you’re capable of now and shows you have great potential in the future.

5.Always be closing- Don’t stop selling yourself, from the second you walk into the room till the second you leave.  Getting into this program is competitive, so sell yourself appropriately to get into it.  This does not mean being a used car salesmen as the negative stigma suggests, just express your interest in the program and why we should also be interested in you.


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