Confessions of a Sales Intern

This summer, I have had the pleasure of taking part in what every Sales Centre Candidate will experinence before they earn their certificate: a Sales Internship. I worked with Power Packer, whose parent company, Actuant, is a Corporate Partner of the Centre, from June until August. I was sent to their offices in Mishawaka, Indiana, but was told I’d be on the move in due time. Sure enough, I was off to Wisconsin on my first day for product training. While there, I worked on the plant floor assembling parts to become familiar with them. It was a very fun experience.

I was assigned many market mapping projects within different divisions of Power Packer. I was assinged to different supervisors who would help to guide me through my internship. They were very helpful and taught me quite a lot. My internship took me to many different places as well. I went from Wisconsin to Minnesota, as well as many locations in Texas. I experienced life on the road as a true salesperson, moving from hotel to hotel and seeing different businesses along the way.

There were also opportunities for some play as well. From corporate events such as breakfasts and baseball games, to tourist visits of the Alamo and the Mall of America while on sales calls, there was no shortage of fun things to do while I was working. Also, living in Indiana gave me the opportunity to meet several people in Chicago for long weekends. As long as I had the energy, there was also something to do.

This experience was absolutley incredible. The things I learned, the people I met, the places I went… all amazing times I will never forget. I learned so much more about selling and myself as a salesman than I could have imagined. I cannot thank Power Packer and Actuant enough for the opporunity and the journey. I’m glad to know that every Sales Candiadate has to have an internship, because it is truely a once in a lifetime experience they will never forget. I know it was for me.

So to you other interns out there, how were your summer experiences? Let us know what things other Candidates can expect to learn when they partake in their internship.

Also, make sure to come out to the Sales Centre Career Fair on Monday, 3 October. Who knows, you may find an internship as good as mine!


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