Just Another Fair, Unfair Advantage: Business Core Work Shop

Four-course meal, assessment for sales position placement, interviewing tips, and professional behavior tips.  What do these key words have in common with the Sales Centre Candidates?  Quite a lot if you attended this past Monday night’s event, Business Core Workshop.

The night started out with a four-course delicious meal to get our brains rolling to participate.

We then were introduced to Jeanne Frawley, executive director of The University Sales Education Foundation.  Frawley lifted our spirits as she told us how great of a position we are in by applying to The Sales Centre.  She stated approximately 43.5% graduates land jobs before the three months out of college point hits.  If you are in a sales program (cough, we are!) you have a 90% chance to land a job right after graduation!  The whole room was smiling ear to ear as we all realized how our hard work will pay off if we out forth the effort.  Frawley also gave us the opportunity to take an assessment with The University Sales Education Foundation, which will test which type of sales position we would most excel.  Once the assessment is completed, it ranks your potential matches to six different sales positions within the sales industry.  Matching us to our strongest area of sales will be extremely beneficial when in front of a possible employer.

Once we were all anxious in completing the assessment, we broke out into two rooms; one concerning interviewing and another concerning professional behavior.

The interview panel was led by our very own, Clark Saul, who asked various questions to Christian Hughes of Palmer Holland and Laurie Lach of Alliance Data, two of our very own corporate partners.  Once Hughes and Lach answered each question, we then were opened up to discussion to clarify any other questions about the topic.  A few tips we got out of this panel were:

1) Be interested, not interesting.
2) Not to be afraid of silence in an interview.  If silence does go on for a while in between questions, ask about their competitors.
3) Only talk to the company you are interested in and RESEARCH that company before opening your mouth!

The next room we were informed by Jim Kahler, former Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Cleveland Cavaliers, on professional behavior.  We learned how to accept/decline offers, negotiate salary, following up and what to do when you don’t hear back from a company who showed interest.  A few tips he suggested consisted of:

1) Making your online appearance professional.  This includes having an appropriate picture for LinkedIn and cleaning up your Facebook/Twitter profile’s.  No pictures with friends, etc.
2) Once you accept a job, “bury your head in the sand,” from other offers for at least two years.
3) If you do not hear back from the company you are interested in, simply call them and ask, “what did you not like?”
4) Always  hand write a thank-you note to the significant person(s) whom you worked closely with to show respect and gratitude for all their help.
5) We’re all sales people, negotiate for a 10% higher pay!

Business Core Workshop, once again, impacted many Sales Centre Candidates and was one of the highest attended Sales Centre events compared to the past couple of years.  Our candidates are continually noticing the impact our events have on their professional skills and it shows with the attendance of the events and smiling faces across the room!


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