The Sales Centre Monday Night Minutes, 10/31/11

What’s New?

  • At the meeting, SCCs watched a video of the Professional Education team and their “cribs” so all members could get to know the team better! Great video Clark, Thomas, Sam, Eric and Alexia!
  • Also, great work making the video Nate and Rob!
  • The following is the updated Ambassador Club point system:
  • Mandatory Events (20 points each)
    • Business Core Workshop
    • Career Fair
    • Corporate Development Day
    • New Hire Induction Ceremony
    • Monday Night Meetings
    • Toastmasters (1 Meeting)
    • Sell A Friend
    • Attend Committee Fair
  • Extra Events (10 points each):
    • Be  A Peer Mentor
    • Account Manager Fair
    • Good Works Event
    • 1 on 1 w/PSAB Member
    • Homecoming Parade
    • Annual Recognition Reception
  • Must obtain a total of 140 points to be on Ambassadors Club

Congratulations to…

  • Dan McGlothlin on accepting an account executive position with AT&T in the business leadership development program.
  • Chanel Glenn on accepting a winter intersession internship with Precious Formals.
  • Eric Lang on accepting a winter intersession internship with Verizon Wireless.
  • Laura Schaus on accepting a brand marketing internship with The J.M. Smucker Company.

Upcoming Events

  • Annual Recognition Reception to honor the difference makers involved with the Sales Centre!
    • Thursday November 3rd, 6-9pm in Baker Ballroom
    • Dress is Business Professional
  • Good Works Dinner!
    • SCCs volunteering for food prep (Thursday, November 3rd) Between 12-4pm at 31 N. Congress:
      • Victoria Centers, Alex Whiteleather, Rachel Huber, Ashley Arnold, Haley Lancaster, Janelle Thompson, Garret Bednarcik and Cali Skalski.
    • SCCs volunteering at the dinner (Friday, November 4th) Meet in Copeland Parking lot at 3:30pm:
      • Alexia Heffernan, Thomas Lower, Bekah Grippa, Alexis Kennedy, Janelle Thompson, Brianna Rea, Brittany Somerville, Elmer Plasencia, Brooke Ling, Richard Bradley, Tara Nolan, Gina Wolf, Nicole Lamendola, Kelly Boyd, Cassey Fele.
  • Communication Competency in the Workplace!
    • Thursday January 5th, 6-9pm in Irvine Auditorium


  • There will be a Coach & Candidate competition drawing at the Recognition Reception this Thursday, 11/3!
    • Be sure to stop by the Coach & Candidate table to find out who you will be competing against.
  • New Hire Portfolios are due no later than Friday November 4th at 5pm to Copeland 201!
  • Tom Starr will be at the next Monday night meeting to talk about giving killer presentations!
  • New Hire Induction Ceremony will take place right after the Monday night meeting!

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