What Happens In Vegas … TSC taught me Part I

Hotel / Casino New York-New York in Las Vegas.

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Its Sunday, August 21st 4 am in Brooklyn, NY

I’m pressing snooze for ten minutes thinking am I really up this early on a Sunday functioning?

5 am

Call from the car service – they’re outside waiting for my morning-person smile.  I haven’t had my coffee yet, just drive me to the airport.

6 am

Arrive at LaGuardia Airport, Queens, New York.  My shoes are off and my liquids are in baggies, its security check time – I hope I don’t beep!

7:20 am

Get bumped up to first class.  Right on!  Blanket please!  Luck is already stirring and I’m not near Las Vegas yet!

9:05 am

Land in Chicago, get my coffee and wait in the terminal for a half hour … so same seat’s right?

9:50 am

Board the plane with no looking back.  I’m on my way to Vegas, baby.

12:02 pm

Lights all around, heat soaking into my skin and the vibe flowing through my veins.  It’s time to set up to sell and prospect!

I was asked about two weeks ago at my internship with Cejon Accessories Steve Madden in NYC if I would be able to go to Las Vegas to work a booth at one of the largest fashion trade-shows in the world, Magic.  Who in their right mind would turn down this opportunity!  I recently worked my first  trade show the first week of August and made my first big sale as an intern and well, even ever!  Magic, though, will be much larger and more cut throat than any trade show I will ever attend.

Stay tuned to read how TSC will help me stand my ground against sharp-tongued buyers and get through the week with hopefully making some sales!


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