What Happens in Vegas … TSC taught me Part II

As soon as I landed in Las Vegas  McCarran International Airport, my boss was calling me in a frantic to go set up the Big Buddha booth at Magic Trade Show; one of the largest apparel trade shows in the world for the fashion industry. I walked out of the terminal and could not stop smiling.  I couldn’t believe I was given such an amazing and beneficial opportunity.

When I arrived at Magic, it looked like the Schey Sales Centre Corporate Career fair had flown away to the Land of Oz.  I could have sworn I saw Mr. Hartung in a fabulous faux fur vest and bright satin pants … but it wasn’t him.

There were fashion booths everywhere of different brands and sales representatives ready to sell!  I was eager to take a stab at the hands-on selling and talk to all the buyers about what our product could do for them.

I arrived at the Big Buddha booth where I was to sell/prospect buyers for Big Buddha sunglasses.  Once I finished setting up, it was time to relax and prepare for the three days of selling!

Each day was completely different but I had a blast talking buyers ears off and representing Big Buddha.  At the end of the three-day show, I was able to sell well over $6,000 for Big Buddha!  My boss was blown away with the number I had achieved and could not stop praising me.

During the show, I kept my professional composure and was tracking down buyers to come talk to me.  By the end of each day my face was a permanent smile and my cheeks would not stop quivering from all the talking and conversing I had done for eight hours!

Buyers could not believe that I was only interning and asked when I would graduate, to work for them!  I owe it all to The Schey Sales Centre.  I would not know how to act, let alone sell, if it wasn’t for all the programs we attend throughout the year or especially our selling techniques class.  Just like my role play in our class selling techniques, I was face to face with a buyer persuading them that Big Buddha products would sell tremendously in their stores.

This trip made me realize sales can be extremely enjoyable if you allow it to be stress free if you communicate well with your buyers, as well as make it fun for them.  A good conversation can turn into a positive handshake in the end if you close the deal and sign the dotted line!


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