Appreciation for Relationship Creation Quick Fix!

During the Holidays, everyone seems to be more uppity and cheerful than any other time towards their customers and clients.

Why should the great service stop once the Holiday’s are over?

Here are a handful of fantastic tips I have learned thus far interning for one of our corporate partners as to how to keep your appreciation known towards your clients.

1.) A genuine smile, firm handshake and “thank you” while looking them in the eye every time you see them.

2.) A handwritten note before and after each transaction.

3). Simply calling them on their birthday and special anniversary’s to wish them an even better year.

4.) Not always calling them to “sell” but simply popping in and saying hello.

5.) “Under promise and over deliver.”

The spunk inside of you right now should not only be lasting through January.  It is important to constantly be appreciative of your clients and their business with you.  This will take your relationship to the next level and make your client aware that you truly care and enjoy working with them!


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