Sales of the classic “Holiday Dinner”

This Winter I have had the opportunity to work at my local Honey Baked Ham for the holiday season and it has been a great experience and a surprising opportunity to sharpen my sales skills.  Here are a couple of tips I have gotten from managers and have learned on the fly in just a few short weeks of working at a place made to satisfy your need for a quick, and delicious, holiday meal.

  1. Simplicity leads to happiness more often than it leads to anger – Customers call in on a regular basis to place orders for the hectic holiday season and use the line “What should I get?”  This does not mean read them every thing they could get!  The longer your on the phone the faster the person trying to make a decision becomes confused.  Give them the necessary information to allow them to make a good decision and then go to the next call, don’t make them think about decisions that will not satisfy there needs.
  2. Always ask if they want the package deal – Even if a customer is not interested in buying one of our dinner meals they are never mad that you brought up the option.  I have actually been thanked more often than not for even mentioning a possible deal to a customer, it just adds to their experience within the store.
  3. Speed is key- When your finalizing a sale don’t mess around, when the customer wants to close… CLOSE! Get them on their way and don’t make them potentially regret their purchase by throwing out possible options in the last moment.  Neither side wants to sit at the counter looking at hams for more than 3 minutes just to pick the first one that you have shown.
  4. Don’t get caught up in a line – Staying calm and collected during a rush makes for happier customers when they approach you.  Take each guest to the store like you have been waiting all day for them and you will have a better chance of having the customer leave happy, even if they waited in a line that started at the bottom of the parking lot.

Selling the classic holiday dinner was an event that I found very interesting and inspiring to my regular holiday activities and taught me some valuable sales experience I will be using in the future.

What holiday sales experiences have you had that changed the way you look at sales in your life?


One response to “Sales of the classic “Holiday Dinner”

  1. I enjoyed the idea of staying calm to basically calm down your customer after the holiday build up. I actually had this happen to me on black friday while waiting in a line at a store for about an hour! The sales rep was extremely friendly/calm as I walked up there and it allowed me to leave the crazy store at peace and forget about the line! Awesome tip for everyone!

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