Coach and Candidate Competition Underway

The Sales Centre is filled with driven, competitive individuals who strive for excellence in all aspects of their careers.  The Coach and Candidate program within the Sales Centre highlights the personality and accomplishments of select seniors through a portfolio competition that is currently under way.

After being paired with participating Professional Sales Advisory Board members this past June, students not only developed a mentorship-style relationship with their coach, they also began working on the portfolio that defines the Coach and Candidate program.  The competition is a challenge for the duo to develop a personal brand for the participating student that is executed in a portfolio style. In the past, most participants produced a spiral-bound paper portfolio.  This included a brief summary of themselves in a professional sense while also highlighting key characteristics that could appeal to potential employers.

But this year has been extremely different.  With the assistance from certified life coach and College of Business media director Tracy Corrigan, the directors of the program hosted brainstorming sessions for all participants and also helped develop their personal brands.

“It’s overwhelming to consider my own personal brand,” Chelsea Kovak, one of the finalists explained.  “[The workshops] helped me break down the components that best make me who I am.”

Corrigan and the directors of the program encouraged participants to utilize the Internet and social media while developing their portfolio.  The majority of participants did just that- blogs, websites, Presi presentations and online presentations were created for the competition.

“I think the participants really focused on what they know best- the Internet,” explains Coach and Candidate director, Courtney Wypesak.  “They were able to find different ways to represent themselves outside of the usual portfolio.”

All participants expressed their enjoyment with the competition thus far.

“The competition motivated me to make my portfolio stand out and put in the extra effort to win,” participant Clark Saul said.

The competition is still underway and the final four participants are currently being judged by PSAB members on an interview about their portfolio.  They are all competing for a networking trip to New York City with creator of the program, Greg Kaple.

All of these great portfolios can be accessed here.

Interviews with the 4 finalists can be found here. Who do you want to win?


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