The 2012 NCSC Part 1

We have arrived in the wonderful Embassy Suites Atlanta at Kennesaw Town Center after an 8 hour trek through several states driven by the sometimes eventful, but stalwart coach Dr. Ridpath.

Our competitors are Chelsea Kovak and Lee Axelband as we look to take on some tough competition that we have prepared for over the last 2+ months by bringing in past competitor Jordan Shirkman, watching previous years of the OU finalists and analyzing the tapes, and speaking with Tom Starr.

Chelsea and Lee are not alone though, they are being supported by not only myself but also Marcya Betts, Brianna Simmons, Brittany Somerville, and Olivia Gougler.  We are all here to provide training, practice, and moral support to our competitors and show off what the Sales Centre is capable of.

There will be more updates tomorrow as more competitors come in and as we get through a plethora of practice sessions and finalizing our strategy of attack for the first and second rounds of the competition!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter with #OUdid for updates as to what were doing all weekend!


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