The 2012 NCSC Part 2

I’m reporting back in on the events that took place at this year’s Nation Collegiate Sales Competition.  The field of competition cut down from 126 competitors to 55 in a matter of one round! Our current Chair and one of our competitors, Chelsea Kovak, had the opportunity to represent The Schey Sales Centre up to the semi-final sweet 16 round ending out in 5th place overall in the competition.  Our other competitor, Lee Axelband, who placed top 20 in his previous competition, finished in 3rd place in the opening round and 2nd place in the wild card round before being eliminated.  After all was said and done The Schey Sales Centre finished 10th in amongst 60+ college sales education programs at the competition.

We had our 5 alternates in supporting roles that helped prepare and create demonstrations that our team used in the competition.  They also had a unique networking experience talking with both companies and other competitors from all over the world at a 2 day career fair in which companies were eagerly trying to recruit the best “soon-to-be”  sales professionals they could.  The career fair also hosted several of our corporate partners and even a few Ohio University Alumni that we were able to catch up with throughout the 5 days.

The team sums up their experiences by saying:

Briana Simmons, Senior – my favorite part about NCSC was the networking with other students! Meeting new people is always exciting.

Olivia Gougler, Senior – NCSC was filled with high energy & competitive sales professionals! Great networking with companies & students across the country!

Brittany Somerville, Freshman – As a Freshman NCSC is a great opportunity for networking & hands on experience with sales, what I gained there has been invaluable.

Marcya Betts, Senior – All I remember seeing is Dr. Ridapth’s and Lee’s faces light up, everyone patting Chelsea on the back, and Brianna Simmons screaming in the background.  That moment was a sigh of relief, and it was also a moment to remember!  It was a great bonding & networking experience!

Lee Axelband, Senior – NCSC is the best weekend because not only do you network professionally, but you build on your network within our generation.

Chelsea Kovak, Senior – NCSC is by far my favorite weekend of the year! The energy is unmatched and the people we have met are some of the best!!!

The experience was great and next year’s team will hopefully live up to the high expectations that have been set in these previous years.

If you are interested in a great experience like this, The Schey Sales Centre Sales Competition Team will be recruiting in the upcoming year and participating in several other competitions across the country.


3 responses to “The 2012 NCSC Part 2

  1. Team,
    Great job at the NCSC! You worked hard to prepare, learned a great deal about what it takes to compete and placed very well in an increasingly competitive field. We are especially proud of the sense of teamwork you all demonstrated.

  2. Thanks Ray!! We appreciate your support a ton throughout the competition. I wish we could go back and do it all over again I had so much fun!!!! Great job team….very excited to see OU take first next year 🙂

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