As most people have already come to realize, life is not always a walk in the park. If it were, most of the students who have gone through the Schey Sales Centre would not be as talented and motivated as they are today. So far this summer, I have confirmed my idea that taking the challenging route will put you a lot farther ahead of your peers who simply just took a route they deemed as easier. My theory is that in order to become a well-rounded, determined and motivated individual, you must take on challenges, conquer them with hard work, learn from them, and continue on to the next challenge.


This summer I have had the opportunity to work for a stand out corporation as one of their sales interns. When listening to the previous sales interns and their experiences in the past years with the corporation, I was overcome with excitement for the position and ready to hit the ground running in my new summer gig.  In my first week on the job I quickly came to realize my internship was not going to be just what I thought it was. It was going to be even more of a challenge than I expected.


I came into my position with a general idea about what I was going to be doing, and my preconceived notion of the position threw me off course a little bit when I was introduced to my new summer projects. But, I quickly learned that my even more than expected challenge was about to teach me an abundant amount of information that will stick with me for years to come, and also help me to accomplish each additional challenge I take on in the future. The challenging projects I was exposed to helped me to become more confident in myself and my ability to conquer each challenge thrown at me with a lot of hard work and dedication. I feel more confident on conquering a challenge and moving on to the next one because of it.


In week seven on the job, I have learned more about myself, a business setting and sales. I have been driven to begin challenging myself for the future to become a better person by each challenge I take on in life. When thinking about a future career in sales, I see one challenge after the next. I want to treat each one of those challenges in my career as a stepping stone to the next big chapter of my career. My advice is to be confident in your work and take on any challenge and own it. Don’t let any challenge hinder your path; you will only end up regretting it one day.


I appreciate the people who have challenged me to better myself. I also applaud each candidate in the Schey Sales Centre past and present, who have acted as leaders and challenged themselves and other candidates in the program including myself. We are more well-rounded, determined, and motivated candidates because of the people who have challenged us within the Schey Sales Centre. Another one of my challenges is about complete, and I am on to the next one!


-Alex Whiteleather, Vice Chair of the CAC


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