Monday Night Minutes

Thanks for everyone coming out tonight and can’t wait to see everyone on Thursday at the Communication Competency Workshop!

Thank You…

  • Special thanks to everyone who came to the Homecoming Parade and represented the Sales Centre

›Here are the students who helped and participated:

•Brittany Somerville , Alex Whiteleather, Antonio Moore , Cassey Eck, Kelly Boyd, Emily Zito, Chelsea Anderson, Emily Sherer, Faye Skeans , Tara Nolan, Katie Lewis, Eric Cooper, Amy Pierce , Eric Lang, Erika Husney, Katherine Pence, Austin Jenkins , Ashary Uter, Erika Plostins , Heather Wilson, Fred Kumih, Alexia Heffernan

Upcoming Events…

  • Communication Competency Workshop:

– When: Thursday, October 18th at 5:30pm-9:00pm

-Where: Walter Hall, Room 135

-Wear: Business Casual

– Excuses note is provided

Life Long Learning Segment...

  • The Power of Curiosity
  • You will always be learning, you will uncover new things, and your life will be fuller


  • If you are interested in joining the Sales Team a.k.a. The Sales Cats who compete in sale competitions, give national recognition to the sales centre and gain practical sale experience, you can contact Dr.Ridpath:
  • If you are interested in being on the Blog Team please email Griffin at
  • PSAB visit to come up during this upcoming semester, more info to follow later
  • If your interested in looking for an opportunity to work in sales in the sport industry, the Sports Business Forum is this Friday and Saturday. For more information you can contact Nic Luberger at


  • Meerrill Lynch visited and discussed about their company, internships, having a career at Merrill and being a financial advisor
  • If interested, contact their Account Manager, Maria Kamlowsky at

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