Corporate Development Day Recap

Here is the outline of what happened during Corporate Development Day incase you missed it!


  • Our guest speaker Dennis

Outside Sales…

  • Who we are: host corporate visits, breakfasts & lunches and develop the teams who participate in visits
  • Why get involved: Resume builder, help with future leadership positions, and prepare you for interviews

Corporate Visit Structure…

  • Dinner/Breakfast/Lunch: 2 candidates
  • Sales Conversation with 4 candidates
  1. Facilitator
  2. Leadership
  3. Outside events
  4. Classroom experience

Account Management…

  • Primary point of contact
  • Building partnerships/relationships: Farming
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Adding value
  • Events:
  1. Corporate Partner Career Fair
  2. AM Mock Career fair
  3. Career Corner’s
  4. Sales Symposium
  • Experience
  1. Official training program
  2. Managing muitple accounts
  3. Face time with companies
  4. practical experience
  5. CRM:

Inside Sales…

  • Effectively put Sales Centre on your resume:
  • Focus on buzz words: employers look for what you specifically did
  • Get Involved: committees, philanthropy events, outside events, Candidate Advisory Council, Cabinet
  • Leadership


Please take the survey to help better future events! Thank you!


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