Monday Night Minutes

Thanks for everyone coming out for our last 2012 Monday Night Meeting! Hope everyone has a great week of classes and good luck with finals coming up!

Congratulations to…

  • Brittany Somerville who accepted an internship for the winter with Merrill Lynch and a summer internship with IGS Energy
  • Amanda Thompson who accepted an internship with IGS Energy
  • William-Patterson Competitors who competed in New Jersey and all their handwork
  • Starr Award winners: Katherine Pence, Shawn H., and Fred K.

Thank you…

  • To everyone who came out for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters philanthropy event! It was a great success and the kids had a great time!
  • For BD Medical who came out and visited us. For more information please contact the Account Manager


  • The Sales Cats will have the Sales Cup soon and if you are interested in joining the competition team please feel free to either contact Dr. Ridpath: or Brittany Somerville:
  • Keep selling friends! The PSAB have accepted the challenge! Losers of the challenge will wash the winners cars as they winners get to watch.
  • Selling friends is a great opportunity to not only gain selling experiencing but to win amazing prizes. From the candidate with the total number of Friends by April receives $99 gift card towards price of their choice. Also, you can enter to win up to a $500 prize!!
  • Coach and Candidate is focusing on building the professional relationship with your coach. There will be monthly themed meeting and it will be open to Juniors in the spring as well.

Upcoming Events…

  • Final Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 4th at 6:00pm in Copeland room 410. For any questions please contact Shawn Hostetler at or 330-265-5871

Career Corner…

  • Sentry Insurance: Account Manager: Eric Cooper
  • Park Place Technologies: Account Manager: Allison Thobe



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